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This site features a database with all the spell in the Revised d20 System® Reference Document, the base for the Dungeon & Dragons® v3.5 rules.
The primary purpose is to generate a spellist for a character, but you can also take a look at the complete spellist for a class.

Most resources used on this site is comes from the Revised d20 System® Reference Document (SRD), and not from Dungeon & Dragons® (D&D) Core Rulebooks as most would expect. The difference between these sources is minimal, except for the license and some minor "flavor" elements. The most noticable difference is that the SRD does not contain any trademarked names, so any spell named after a D&D® character has been renamed not to include that name. Mostly the name was just dropped, or replaced with "Mage's ...".

The SRD resources on this site are freely redistributable under the Open Gaming License v1.0a. There are, however, also spells and other recourses form some campain settings and other source books for D&D. Content originating from these books are property of their respective owners, and are not licensed under the OGL. To use these resources you must own a copy of the book in question.

As this site is intended for players accustomed to the d20 System®, it uses are a few abbreviation. You might know most of them, but if you find anyone you don't know, I have a list of abbreviation available.

Create a Character Spell List

This option will create an personal spell list for any d20 Character. It is supposed to be used together with a d20 character record sheet that doesn't include spells.
For example you could use mine D&D3.5 Character Sheet. You'll need a PDF reader, such as Adobe® Reader®, to be able to open and print the character sheet. Most character will not need all pages. Page 1 and 2 are compulsory, page 3 is for character with lots of equipment, and page 4 is for animals owned by or in alliance with the character.

List Spells


Sorting Order

Spells in the same school and/or with the same level will be sorted by spell name.

Misc Options

I own the following books, and would like to include spells from them in the spell list:



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