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Hello and welcome to my little space on the net.
Unlike most personal homepages, this site isn't about me. It's just a place where I can dump stuff, so I can give people links. Don't expect everything to be propperly linked, sometimes I'll just put up a directory and send a link to those who are supposed to read it. If you need such a link, or have any other questions, just email me at

Civilization: The Expansion Project

I'm currently the main maintainer of the comunity designed boardgame Civilization The Expansion Project.
It's homepage can be found at

Some other stuff of middling interest

Password Generator

d20 Spells

D&D Arena Deathmatch (Swedish)

These services are availible for development and beta testing

Fantasy Empire's development page (not working...)

Misc helpfiles and API documentations (mainly for my own use)

Password Protected Services:

Contact me if you think you should have the password for any of the services.

My FTP Server
Ulf's FTP Server



If you, for some reason, would need my CA certificate you can download that as well.

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