- D&D3 Spells - List of Abbreviation

d20 System = The name of the core rules used by the D&D system and on this site.
D&D 3e = Dungeon & Dragons® 3rd edition - The professianally published version of the d20 System Reference Document.
D&D v3.5 = Dungeon & Dragons® version 3.5 - The professianally published version of the Revised d20 System Reference Document.
DL = The Dragonlance® Saga - A Campain Setting in which your adventure may take place. The world of the Dragonlance® Saga is called Krynn.
DLCS = The Dragonlance® Campain Setting - The book describing the Dragonlance® Saga and the special rules for playing in it.
DM = Dungeon Master - Another name for the GM.
DMG = Dungeon Master Guide - The second core rulebook with additional rules that only/mostly only the DM must know.
DnD3 = D&D 3e
DnD3.5 = D&D v3.5
GM = Game Master - The person leading the game. The GM determines what is happening in the world and say what all NPCs does.
MM = Monster Manual - The third core rulebook listing monsters the characters might meet.
NPC = Non-Player Character - A character not run by a player, but by the GM.
OGL = Open Gaming License - The license agreement of the SRD.
PC = Player Character - A character played by a player.
PH = Players Handbook - The first core rulebook with the most important rules for Dungeon & Dragons®.
SRD = System Reference Document - The Open Gaming License version of the D&D v3 and D&D 3.5 Core Rulebooks.
WotC = Wizards of the Coast - The publishers of D&D and the SRD, as well as lots of suplementary materials.
WotL = War of the Lance: Dragonlance® Campain Setting Companion, a sourcebook for Dragonlance® campaigns taking place during the War of the Lance.

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